Command wordsDescription
addLootAdd an item to the list.
removeLootRemove an item to the list.
visionLootCheck the list of items.
!taskCheck the list of tasks.
!statsCheck your character HP/MP.
!jutsuCheck your character spells/jutsu.
!commandsCheck your commands in game.
!fragsCheck the number of frags.
!onlineCheck the number of online players and their names + levels.
!pillBuy 100 pills for 1 ryo dollar.
!aolBuy Tsunade Amulet for 10 ryo banknotes.
!sagaFind what saga You have and where it is.
!buyhouseBuy house command.
!sellhouseSell house command.
alana sioKick someone from your house.
aleta gravGive someone permission to open the door.
aleta sioGive someone permission to enter to your house.
!leavehouseLeave house command. Collect all items better before entering.
aleta somGive someone SubOwner permission.
/newtypeChange your outfit. Max ID - 227
/bcWrite a message in red which will be displayed to the whole server.
/namelockChange character name.
/banExample: /ban Player_Name, 3, ban description, 720 [time in hours].
/kickKick player from the server.
/jailSend Player to Jail - /jail 1, nick
Community Manager
/ghostInvisibility for players/tutors.
/cTeleport Player to You.
/gotoTeleport You to Player.
/aTeleport SQM in front of you. Example: /a 6.
/upTeleport to upper level.
/downTeleport to lower level.
/mcCheck multiclient list.
/tTeleport You to temple. If Player /t player_name.
Server Admin
/pvpTurn ON/OFF PvP on Server.
/iCreate item command.
/saveManual save command.
/cleanManual clean command.
/ownerChange house owner command.
/mCreate monsters command.
/rDelete sqm in front of you command.
/unbanUnban command. Example: /unban player_name.
/reloadReload after changes in spells/actions.
/closeserverClose server for normal players.
/openserverOpen server for normal players.
/addskillGive level or skills to player.
/storage;/gstorageCheck player storage.
/promote;/demotePromote Player to administration member.



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